Visual Abstract - PCSK9 Modulates the Secretion But Not the Cellular Uptake of Lipoprotein(a) Ex Vivo: An Effect Blunted by Alirocumab: 10.1016/j.jacbts.2016.06.006

• Unlike LDL uptake, Lp(a) uptake is not altered by PCSK9 or PCSK9 inhibition in primary human hepatocytes and in primary dermal fibroblasts isolated from familial hypercholesterolemic and non–familial hypercholesterolemic patients.

• Lp(a) uptake is occurring in the absence of a functional LDL receptor and is not affected by LDL receptor blockade with monoclonal antibodies.

• Lp(a) cellular binding and whole particle uptake are not altered by PCSK9.

• The secretion of Lp(a) from primary human hepatocytes is enhanced by PCSK9, an effect that is blunted by PCSK9 inhibition with alirocumab.