Figure 8: JP2 Overexpression Initially Alleviates Impaired Ca

(A, B) Representative examples of in situ confocal Ca2+ images in WT, CAPN1-OE, and CAPN1-OExJP2-OE hearts at 3 weeks (A) and 5 weeks (B) of age under autonomous beating. Bottom traces under each image are profiles of Ca2+ transients. (C, D) Summary data of the amplitude (left) and time to peak (right) of Ca2+ transients under autonomous beating at 3 weeks (C) and 5 weeks (D) after birth. n = 250 to 300 cells from 4 to 5 hearts per group. **p < 0.01 versus age-matched WT; †p < 0.05, ††P < 0.01 versus age-matched CAPN1-OE. Abbreviations as in Figures 4 and 5.