Figure 8: Immunostaining of LPA and OxPLs in Human Aortic Valve Tissues

(A) Normal valve shows no obvious LPA immunoreactivity; aorta side on top (dashed arrow). High LPA immunoreactivity in thickened fibrosa (B), calcified lesion (C, J), monocytes in inflammatory region (D), myofibroblast cells (F), and lipid core (M). (E) CD68 immunoreactivity in the same region of LPA staining (D). (G) α-Smooth muscle actin staining shows the myofibroblast cells in the same region of LPA staining (F). High E06 immunoreactivity in subendothelial, thickened fibrosa, and ventricularis (H), calcified lesion (I), angiogenic vessels (K), and lipid core (L). (J) LPA immunoreactivity in the calcified region of E06 staining (I). (M) LPA immunoreactivity in the lipid core of E06 staining (L). Abbreviations as in Figures 1 and 7.