Figure 8: Effects of the NPR-C Agonist cANF on Ang II-Mediated Alterations in SAN Fibrosis

(A) SAN immunohistochemistry for HCN4 (top) and picrosirius red staining of fibrosis (bottom) for wild-type mice treated with saline, Ang II, or Ang II plus cANF (0.07 or 0.14 mg/kg/day). Bars = 50 μM. (B) Summary of the effects of cANF on Ang II-mediated fibrosis in the SAN. *p < 0.001 versus saline; #p = 0.037 versus saline; +p < 0.001 versus Ang II; p = 0.004 versus Ang II plus cANF (0.07) by 1-way analysis of variance with Tukey post hoc test; n = 5 hearts for each group.