Figure 7: BB-R12 Vector in Healthy Mouse Tissues

(A) Schematic diagram detailing the BB-R12 (AAV6-R1.2) vector construct containing a cardiac-specific promoter (cTnT455) and human sequences of the R1 (RRM1) and R2 (RRM2) subunits separated by a self-cleaving P2A peptide linker. (B) BB-R12 vector genome biodistribution in healthy mice tissues. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction results quantifying BB-R12 vector genomes/nuclei of liver, heart (ventricle), and gastrocnemius tissues. Bars represent mean ± SD. (C) R1R2 is selectively overexpressed in cardiac tissue of healthy mice treated with BB-R12. Western blot analysis of control and BB-R12–treated mouse ventricle and liver tissue, probing for R1, R2, and a loading control (GAPDH).