Figure 6: The α1A-AR Stimulates a Positive Inotropic Effect in Human Myocardium

Strips ∼0.12 mm2 were cut from left ventricular slices of nonfailing hearts on culture day 1 and paced at 0.2 Hz and 37°C. ISO, phenylephrine (PE), and A6 were added as indicated. Data are from 2 hearts. (A) Examples of original contraction traces. (B) ISO concentration-response relationship for the increase in developed force (systolic − diastolic). Baseline systolic force was 1.4 millinewtons (mN)/mm2; diastolic force was 0.8 mN/mm2 and did not change with ISO. The increase in force is significantly different from 100% (p < 0.05 by confidence limits). (C) The increase in developed force with A6 and PE. Abbreviations as in Figure 5.



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