Figure 6: Investigation of IL-4 Bioactive Surfaces for Synthetic Vascular Grafts

(A) Experimental design schematic; vascular graft dimensions 0.5 mm (inner diameter) × 6 mm length. (B) Representative immunostained images of macrophage responses; M2 (top row) and M1 (bottom row) macrophages. CD68 stained in green, CD206 stained in orange, and MHC Class II stained in purple. Scale bar represents 500 μm. (C) Quantification ofCD68+ total macrophages (top), CD206+ M2 polarization (middle), MHC Class II+ M1 polarization, and M2/M1 (CD206+/MHC Class II+) ratio (bottom). n = 3 slides (each region of the graft) per animal, with a total of 5 animals per group. Abbreviations as in Figures 1 and 3.