Figure 6: Infarct Size

(A) Hearts were stained in vivo with 2,3,5 triphenyltetrazolium chloride and Evans Blue dye. The hearts were sliced in 1-cm slices revealing infarct (white), area at risk (red), and nonischemic tissue (blue). Representative slices for control (B) and P188 (C) animals are shown. Infarct size as a percent of area at risk in all slices from control (n = 6), P188 (n = 7), delayed P188 (n = 6), and PEG (n = 6) groups is quantified (D). Serum troponin levels at 4 h of reperfusion were quantified (E). Error bars represent SEM. #Statistical significance (p < 0.05) comparing the P188 group to all other groups.