Figure 6: In NRVMs, Dabuzalgron Regulates Activators of Apoptosis and Protects Mitochondrial Membrane Potential After Treatment With DOX

NRVMs were treated for 4 h with doxorubicin 2 μmol/l in the presence and absence of dabuzalgron 10 μmol/l. (A and B) Mitochondrial membrane potential was assessed using JC-1, and fluorescent intensity was quantified using a plate reader. Red indicates intact mitochondrial membrane potential; green indicates compromised mitochondrial membrane potential. Representative images (A) and summary findings (B) are presented. (C) NRVM lysates were blotted for selected regulators of apoptosis and mitochondrial cell death effectors. Representative Western blots and summary findings from 3 independent experiments with at least 2 wells per condition in each experiment are shown. Abbreviations as in Figures 1, 2, 3, and 4.