Figure 6: Effect of the S2 E848G Mutation on the Interaction Between Myosin S2 and N-Terminal cMyBP-C

Yeast two-hybrid interaction tests between the S2 domain of MYH7 and the C1C2 domain of cardiac myosin-binding protein C (cMyBP-C). (A) Negative control. (B) Positive control. (C) Positive S2WT-S2WT interaction. (D) No S2E848G-S2WT interaction. (E) Positive S2WT-C1C2WT interaction. (F) No S2WT-C1C2E258K interaction. (G) No S2E848G-C1C2WT interaction. (H) No S2E848G-C1C2E258K interaction. A–H, Yeast grown on selection media.