Figure 6: Cardiomyocyte Hypertrophy and Disarray in IVS of A399S-PKI Mice

(A) Long-axis hematoxylin and eosin–stained paraffin sections. (B) Box plots showing median IVS diameter and (C) LV free wall diameter (FWD). (D) Representative images of wheat germ agglutinin–stained cardiomyocyte cross sections at 40× magnification from the IVS and LV FW with (E and F) quantification in bar graphs. (G) Representative 40× magnifications of Masson’s Trichrome–stained paraffin sections of cardiomyocytes showing disarray and interstitial fibrosis with (H) quantification in bar graph. For B and C, n = number animals. For E, F, and H, n = number images, and number in parentheses = animals. ***p < 0.001. IVSD = interventricular septum diameter; other abbreviations as in Figures 3 and 5.