Figure 5: Sunitinib Cardiotoxicity in CMT Composed of Human iPS-CM

Induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (iPS-CM) were combined with 7% human mesenchymal stem cells to create human CMT. (A) Fold changes in activated caspase 3/7 levels of human CMT on stiff pillars treated 8 h with 0.1% dimethyl sulfoxide (vehicle) or 1 μmol/l, 10 μmol/l sunitinib for 8 h compared with neonatal rat CMT. **p = 0.0116 10 μmol/l sunitinib human CMT (n = 2 experiments) versus neonatal rat CMT (n = 2 experiments). (B) Human CMT were cultured on stiff (5:1) or soft pillars (15:1) and treated with 1 μmol/l sunitinib for 8 h. Plotted are fold changes (relative to vehicle) in caspase 3/7 levels in human and rat CMT. **p < 0.01 human CMT on stiff versus soft pillars (n = 2 experiments); **p < 0.001 human CMT (n = 2 experiments) versus neonatal rat CMT (n = 3 experiments) cultured on soft pillars. Abbreviation as in Figure 1.