Figure 5: In NRVMs, Dabuzalgron Protects Against Apoptotic and Necrotic Cell Death Due to DOX

NRVMs were treated for 4 h with doxorubicin 2μM in the presence and absence of dabuzalgron 10 μmol/l. Apoptosis was detected using fluorescein isothiocyanate–labeled Annexin V, cell death was detected using propidium iodide (PI), and nuclei were labeled with Hoechst. (A) Representative epifluorescence microscopy for each treatment condition. (B) Fluorescent intensity was analyzed using ImageJ 1.41 software (NIH, Bethesda, Maryland) for 3 independent experiments, using at least 2 wells per condition for each experiment. An average of 352 nuclei were counted in an average of 6 microscopic fields per experiment. Abbreviations as in Figures 1, 2, 3, and 4.