Figure 4: miR-29b Mimics Dampen Acute vRTx

Jet-PEI–delivered miR-29b mimics caused decreased DPP4 protein expression in aortic root plaque, as well as a reduction in PTX3 protein in the vessel wall. Staining for the macrophage surface glycoprotein galectin-3 (Mac-2) revealed significantly increased macrophage influx in scrambled- compared with mimic-treated mice. Bars, 200 μm. n = 12 in each group. Mean ± SEM. ∗∗∗p < 0.001, ∗∗∗∗p < 0.0001 in 1-way analysis of variance. vRTx = radiation vasculopathy; other abbreviations as in Figure 1.



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