Figure 4: Ticagrelor and Lung Function Within 24 h in Pneumonia Patients

Lung function was tested in subjects willing and able to undergo spirometry testing. Data were collected at baseline and at 24 h. Changes at 24 h from baseline (midline in all 3 graphs) are shown for tidal volume (A), FEV-1 (B), and MVV (C). Units reported are liters for tidal volume and FEV-1 (A, B) and liters per minute for MVV (C). Data from patients randomized to placebo are shown in the open boxes, whereas patients randomized to ticagrelor are represented in the shaded boxes. Each box represents the interquartile range (25% to 75%), whereas the whiskers represent the full range of the data. The vertical line in each interquartile range box represents the median value (note that the median for the placebo group in C overlaps with the midline). FEV-1 = forced expiratory volume in 1 s; MVV = maximum ventilation velocity.



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