Figure 4: Structures of Biomaterials for MI and PAD Applications

2019-06-11T07:04:13Z (GMT) by Melissa J. Hernandez Karen L. Christman
Biomaterial structures dictate important parameters including degradation and controlled release of therapeutics. The architecture, shown by scanning electron micrographs, varies among hydrogels, such as (A) keratin, (B) porcine-derived skeletal muscle extracellular matrix (ECM), (C) porcine-derived pericardial ECM, (D) collagen, (E) alginate, or (F) fibrin. Additionally, hydrogel architecture differs from particles like (G) poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) microparticles or (H) acetalated dextran microparticles. Reproduced with permission from Shen et al. (29), DeQuach et al. (85), Seif-Naraghi et al. (67), Freeman et al. (84), Losi et al. (86), Formiga et al. (78), and Suarez et al. (43). Abbreviations as in Figure 1.