Figure 4: Serelaxin Treatment Decreases the Mesenteric Arteriolar Contractile Response to Potassium Chloride in the Angiotensin II/L-NG-Nitroarginine Methyl Ester Heart Failure Model

Mesenteric resistance arterioles were isolated on day 9 or day 28 from mice treated with AngII/L-NAME, and with either serelaxiin or vehicle. Vasoconstrictor and vasorelaxer responses were measured by wire myography. *p < 0.01 and †p < 0.05 for treatment effect within potassium chloride dose; ‡p < 0.05 for overall main effects of serelaxin versus vehicle (p = 0.004, day 9; p = 0.034, day 28). Data were compared using 2-factor repeated-measures analysis of variance with Tukey post hoc test.



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