Figure 4: Role of Myeloid Cell IL-17 Receptor A in Aortic Inflammation

(A and B) IL-17 receptor A expression was determined by flow cytometry on aortic CD45+ leukocytes with and without the myeloid cell marker CD11b (A, n = 3 to 8) and blood leukocytes (B, n = 6 to 7 [2 independent experiments each]) data are expressed as mean fluorescence intensity (MFI), identically treated Il17ra–/– cells are shown as negative controls for comparison, Student t tests). (C and D) Aortic arches from Il17a–/– and Il17ra–/– mice were co-incubated for 1 h with myeloid cells from Il17a–/– or Il17ra–/– mice in the presence or absence of 50 ng/ml IL-17A and aortic myeloid cell content determined by using flow cytometry (n = 4 to 6 from 4 independent experiments, aortic live CD11b+ cells normalized to unstimulated aorta, paired Student t tests). (E and F) LDLr–/– mice reconstituted with 50% wild-type (wt, CD45.1) and 50% Il17ra–/– (CD45.2) bone marrow were kept on a high-fat diet for 6 weeks, and aortic CD11b+CD11c+ myeloid phagocytes analyzed by using flow cytometry. Data are expressed as proportion of Il17ra–/– (CD45.2) cells in mice after RI compared with identically treated control operated (ctrl) mice from the same bone marrow transplantation (n = 8 per group from 3 independent transplantations). Abbreviations as in Figures 1 and 3.