Figure 4: Novel Echocardiographic Imaging Plane Reveals Asymmetrical Interventricular Septal Hypertrophy in A399S Mice

(A) Representative modified long-axis (mLAX) echocardiograms were used to visualize the LV and IVS; red stars mark papillary regions. White boxes indicate region of zoom shown in panels below. Dotted lines delineate the traditional mouse echocardiography plane, for comparison. (B) Quantification showing significantly reduced LV chamber area in diastole (endoArea;d) in A399S mice compared with WT and (C) increased maximal interventricular septum diameter in diastole (IVSD;dmax) in A399S mice compared with WT. Circle in box plot represents outlier. *p < 0.05, ***p < 0.001. Ao = aorta; other abbreviations as in Figure 3.