Figure 4: Ly6C

(A) Experimental design for treatment with the anti-CCR2 monoclonal antibody (MC21) or control IgG after TAC. (B) Representative flow cytometry gate plots and quantitation of circulating Ly6ChiCCR2+ monocytes in IgG or MC21 treated mice 24 h after the final dose (n = 8 to 9 per group). (C) Quantitation of circulating CD11b+Ly6G+ neutrophils from the same groups at the same time point. (D) Gross heart images and quantitative heart weight (HW) to tibia length (TL) ratios in mice treated with MC21 or IgG 4 weeks after TAC or sham operation (n = 13 to 16 per group). Representative wheat germ agglutinin staining of the LV and quantitation of cardiomyocyte area (scale bar = 25 μm) (E) and Masson’s trichrome stains and quantitation of LV fibrosis (scale bar = 50 μm) (F) for the same experimental groups (n = 5 to 8 per group). *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001. For E only, statistical comparisons were performed using individual unpaired Student t test or Mann-Whitney test (as appropriate) between the 4 specific groups, with Bonferroni post hoc correction as detailed in the text; p < 0.0125 was used for statistical significance. LV = left ventricular; TAC = transverse aortic constriction.