Figure 4: HFpEF Is Aggravated in Cardiac Myocyte-Specific Fstl1 KO Mice

(A) Tail cuff systolic blood pressure (BP) recorded weekly for 4 weeks in wild-type (WT) and cFslt1-KO mice infused with aldosterone (HFpEF) or saline (Sham) (n = 10-12 mice per group). (B) Heart weight/body weight ratio and (C) wet lung/dry lung ratio in WT and cardiac myocyte-specific Fstl1 knockout (cFslt1-KO) mice (n = 5 to 10 mice/group). Diastolic function assessed 4 weeks after aldosterone (HFpEF) or saline (Sham) infusion in WT and cFslt1-KO mice (n = 10 to 12 mice/group). (D) Representative pulse wave and tissue Doppler images. (E) Left ventricular compliance measured as ratio of peak E velocity to peak A velocity (E/A), and (F) diastolic filling pressure evaluated as ratio of peak E velocity to peak é velocity. Data are mean ± SEM. Statistical analysis by analysis of variance followed by Newman-Keuls multiple comparison tests. A = peak late transmitral flow velocity; E = peak early transmitral flow velocity; é = peak early diastolic myocardial velocity; other abbreviations as in Figure 1.