Figure 3: Validation of the Cuff-less BP Monitoring Device Under Decreasing BP Conditions During Coronary Arterial Angiography

To address the precision requirements outlined by IEEE 1708-2014 for decreasing BP, we conducted simultaneous BP recording using CLB and a standard CB (A). Image of the recording system used during coronary angiography is shown in the left panel in A. (B) Representative recording of changes in intra-arterial BP during coronary angiography (B). Intracoronary arterial administration of nitroglycerin (1.5 mg/bolus shot) reduced arterial BP by >15 mm Hg in accordance with the validation criteria described in IEEE 1708-2014. (C) Typical results from the simultaneous BP recordings of CLB (red line) and CB (blue line). (D and E) Correlation and agreement of SBP data measured by using CB and CLB. Agreement of CLB with CB was analyzed by using a Bland-Altman plot (E) during coronary arterial angiography. Average difference in SBP between the CLB and the CB is indicated by the solid line. The 95% limits of agreement (mean ± 2 SDs of the difference) between CLB and CB are indicated by dotted lines. The agreement limit for SBP was 1.00 ± 20.3. Assessments of DBP are shown in Supplemental Figure 2. Abbreviations as in Figure 1.