Figure 3: Systemic Intravenous Delivery of Fstl1 Ameliorates Cardiac Hypertrophy and Reduces E/A Ratio in Wild-Type HFpEF Mice

(A) Heart weight/body weight ratio. (B) Ratio of peak E velocity to peak A velocity (E/A). Wild-type HFpEF (aldosterone infusion) and Sham (saline infusion) mice were injected, 2 weeks after HFpEF induction, with an adenoviral vector producing either β-galactosidase (Ad-βgal: 1 × 109 plaque-forming units) as control, or Fstl1 (Ad-Fstl1: 1 × 109 plaque-forming units) (n = 3 to 4 mice/group). Data are mean ± SEM. Statistical analysis by analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Newman-Keuls multiple comparison tests. Abbreviations as in Figure 1.