Figure 3: PP2Ce is a Specific Phosphatase for PLN Thr-17 Phosphorylation Site

(A) Representative immunoblot from NRVM-expressing GFP or PP2Ce were treated with 1 μmol/l isoproterenol for 0.5 and 2 h as indicated. (B) Quantification of immunoblot signals with independent experimental replicate number labeled in each corresponding column. (C) Western blot for NRVM coexpressing active CaMKII (CaMKII-CA) and increasing amount of PP2Ce as indicated. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01 versus untreated; and #p < 0.05; between PP2Ce and GFP at each time point. PLN = phospholamban; other abbreviations as in Figure 2.



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