Figure 3: Loss of Cardiac

(A) Representative M-mode images of MCM Cre– and MCM Cre+ hearts were examined 2 days after the final isoproterenol injection. (B) Heart weight to body weight ratios showed no significant changes between genotypes (n = 7). (C) FS decreased with isoproterenol exposure in MCM Cre– mice while no reduction was noted in MCM Cre+ mice indicative of protection (n = 6, 8). *p = 0.03. (D) LVID;d was not altered in MCM Cre– or MCM Cre+ hearts with isoproterenol (n = 6, 8). (E) LVPW;d increased with isoproterenol exposure in both cohorts as expected (n = 6, 8). *p < 0.002. (F) Quantitative RT-PCR of hypertrophic markers Myh7 and Nppa show both MCM Cre– and MCM Cre+ hearts showed the expected significant response to the isoproterenol challenge (n = 3, 5, 3, 5). *p = 0.04 Myh7, p = 0.001 Nppa. Abbreviations as in Figures 1 and 2.



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