Figure 3: IL-17 Receptor A Increases Atherosclerotic Inflammation in Renal Impairment

LDLr–/– and Il17ra–/–LDLr–/– mice were kept on a high-fat diet for 10 weeks after RI or ctrl surgery. (A to F) Aortic leukocytes were analyzed by using flow cytometry for all leukocytes (CD45), myeloid cells (CD11b), B cells (CD19), and T cells (αβ-T-cell receptor [TCR]). (A and D) Typical examples with CD11b+ myeloid cells among all leukocytes are shown in the upper rows and T cells and B cells among all nonmyeloid cells in the lower rows. (B, C, E, F) All leukocytes (B and E) and among CD11b+ myeloid cells granulocytes (PMN, Gr1HIGHF4/80LOWCD11cLOW) and expression of macrophage marker F4/80 and antigen presenting cell markers CD11c and major histocompatibility complex (MHC) II were investigated (C and F) (n = 5 to 6 LDLr–/– and 9 to 13 Il17ra–/–LDLr–/– mice from 3 to 4 independent experiments, Student t tests). Abbreviations as in Figure 1.