Figure 3: Human Myocardial Slices Are Viable for at Least 3 Days in Culture

Left ventricular myocardial slices were cultured as in the Methods section for the number of days indicated. Day 0 indicates slices immediately after cutting. As a negative control, slices were killed by prolonged anoxia, H2O2, or methanol. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) (A) and MTT (B) were measured in duplicate slices from each heart. ATP duplicates agreed within an average 20%; and MTT, within an average 9%. MTT values in arbitrary units (AU) per mg after day 0 were normalized to the MTT value on day 0 in the same experiment. Numbers are the numbers of hearts; values are mean ± SE. There are no significant differences with time or between nonfailing and failing (regular 2-way analysis of variance: ATP p = 0.23, 0.77, 0.54 for interaction, group, and time, respectively; MTT p = 0.91, 0.99, and 0.44 for interaction, group, and time, respectively).



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