Figure 3: Histological Assessment of Arteries and Capillaries

(A) Capillary density quantification. (B) There were no differences in arteriole density between all groups, but (C) the average arteriole diameter (p = 0.0389) and (D) density of arterioles with diameter >75 μm (p = 0.0344) was significantly increased in the skeletal muscle matrix (SKM) group. Data from the healthy limb is shown as a reference. (E) Representative image of capillaries stained by alkaline phosphatase for the SKM treatment group. (F) Example arteriole staining with anti-αSMA (red) and nuclei (blue) for saline (n = 11), (G) SKM (n = 9), and (H) human umbilical cord matrix (hUC) (n = 10). *p < 0.05 and scale bars are 100 μm.