Figure 3: Everolimus Represses Ets-1–Dependent Transactivation of the TERT Promoter

hSMC were treated with 10 μmol/l everolimus and stimulated with growth medium. Chromatin was harvested for ChIP assays using an antibody raised against Ets-1. Nonimmune IgG was used as a negative control. The graph depicts quantification of immunoprecipitated chromatin by real-time PCR using primer pairs that cover the Ets-1 site in the proximal TERT promoter. Cycle threshold (Ct) values were normalized to Ct values of input samples and are expressed as mean ± SEM (n = 12 samples/group). Significance levels versus quiescent cells (starvation): growth medium + vehicle, *p = 0.007; growth medium + 10 μmol/l everolimus, *p = 0.009. Significance levels versus growth medium + vehicle, #p = 0.041.



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