Figure 3: Calpain Inhibitor MDL-28170 Ameliorates T-Tubule Remodeling in Response to Cardiac Stress

(A, C, E) Representative in situ LV T-tubule confocal images after staining with lipophilic marker MM 4–64. (A, C) LV cardiomyocytes after TAB (A) or ISO infusion (C). (E) Representative images of the border and remote zones relative to the infarct zone in the MI model. (B, D, F) Mean values of TTpower. n = 4 to 5 mice per group. **p < 0.01 versus sham; †p < 0.05 versus saline control. T-tubule = transverse tubule; TTpower = strength of regularity of the T-tubule system; other abbreviations as in Figure 2.