Figure 3: BAG3 Overexpression Improves [Ca

[Ca2+]i transients were measured in fura-2 loaded myocytes (2 Hz, 37°C, 1.8 mmol/l [Ca2+]o) and representative traces are shown both at baseline (A) and after isoproterenol (1 μmol/l) (B). Summaries of systolic and diastolic [Ca2+]i (C) and [Ca2+]i transient amplitudes (D) are shown. Error bars are not shown if they fall within the boundaries of the symbols. There are 15 Sham-GFP, 16 MI-GFP, and 21 MI-BAG3 myocytes at baseline, and 11 Sham-GFP, 13 MI-GFP, and 18 MI-BAG3 myocytes after isoproterenol. Differences between groups are analyzed with 2-way analysis of variance and are given in the Results section. There are no differences in [Ca2+]i transients between Sham-GFP and MI-BAG3 myocytes. Abbreviations as in Figure 1.