Figure 2: Titin Isoform Expression in Nonfailing Donor (Control) and AS Patient Hearts

(A) Representative loose gel (1.8% polyacrylamide/1% agarose) resolving the titin isoforms N2BA and N2B. (B and C) Summary of results of densitometric analysis of titin protein composition, demonstrated as N2BA/N2B isoform expression ratio. Shown are box plots (median [first quartile, third quartile]) with whiskers and individual data points (red circles). (B) Mann-Whitney U test revealed statistically significant differences between control hearts and all AS patients (p = 0.005). (C) Comparison was made between study patients’ subgroups using the Kruskal-Wallis test (p = 0.042). Post hoc multiple pairwise comparisons revealed significant differences between the control group and paradoxical AS (*p < 0.05). AS = aortic stenosis; other abbreviations as in Figure 1.