Figure 2: None

Representative ratiometric JC-1 fluorescence recorded in (A) wt myocytes and (B) αMHC403/+ myocytes before and after exposure to 10 μmol/l BayK(+) or BayK(-) ± 15 μM nisoldipine (Nisol) or diltiazem (Dilt) under calcium-free conditions (0 mmol/l Ca2+). Arrow indicates addition of drugs. NaCN: 40 mmol/l sodium cyanide. (C) Mean ± SEM of JC-1 fluorescence for all myocytes exposed to BayK(+), BayK(-), Nisol, Dilt, 5 μmol/l latrunculin A (Latrunc), or 1 μmol/l colchicine (Colch) as indicated. Latrunc and Colch were added 20 min and 3.5 h before commencing basal Ψm recording, respectively. (D) Ratio of increase in JC-1 fluorescence after addition of BayK(-). The Kruskal-Wallis test was used for all comparisons. ICa-L = L-type Ca2+ channel.



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