Figure 2: Intravenous Sodium Nitrite Induced Second-Window Pre-Conditioning in

Increase in FBF in response to ACh in individuals before and after 20 min of limb ischemia; (A) 20 min of forearm ischemia produced significant endothelial dysfunction (saline placebo 24 h pre-ischemia, pre- vs. post-ischemia FBF-R; p = 0.047 across all ACh doses, n = 5). (B) Intravenous sodium nitrite (1 μg/kg/min) administered 24 h before ischemia prevented endothelial dysfunction (pre- vs. post-ischemia FBF-R; p = 0.78 across all ACh doses, n = 7); *p < 0.05. Solid circles = pre-ischemia FBF-R; open circles = post-ischemia FBF-R. FBF-R = forearm blood flow ratio; other abbreviations as in Figure 1.