Figure 2: Dabuzalgron Protects Mice Against DOX Cardiotoxicity by Activating the α1A-AR

(A) WT mice and knockout mice lacking the α1A-AR (AKO) underwent baseline awake echocardiography, received either doxorubicin (DOX) 20 mg/kg or vehicle control (VC) by intraperitoneal (IP) injection, then 7 days of treatment with either dabuzalgron 10 μg/kg or water by gavage twice daily. On Day 7, the mice underwent awake echocardiography before sacrifice. All analyses included only mice that survived to Day 7. (B) Fractional shortening, a measure of contractile function, with representative M-mode echocardiogram images. Results for mice that survived to Day 7 were compared in indicated groups using the Student t test, assuming normal distribution of values. (C) Day 7 heart sections stained with Masson Trichrome. Fibrosis (weighted average collagen content) was quantified using Aperio ImageScope software. Results were compared across treatment conditions by analysis of variance. Abbreviations as in Figure 1.