Figure 2: Comparison Between Vehicle and PF-1355–Treated Groups on Day 7

(A) Both MPO- and CD11b-positive areas, plotted as percent of high power field (HPF), are decreased in treated mice (n = 5/group; scale bar: 100 μm). (B) Collagen I and CD31 staining at day 7 do not show differences at this early healing phase (n = 5/group; scale bar: 100 μm). (C) Midventricular cardiac sections show decreased ventricular thinning as early as day 7 post-MI in treated mice (scale bar: 2 mm). Arrows point to the ventricular wall containing infarct tissue that is at risk of ventricular thinning. (D) Flow cytometry analysis representing heart neutrophils, lymphocyte antigen 6C (Ly-6C)high monocytes, and Ly-6Clow monocytes from 7-day-old infarcts, plotted as percent cells/total leukocytes, defined as CD45+ cells. Both neutrophil and Ly-6Chigh monocyte percentages were decreased in the treated group with sparing of Ly-6Clow monocytes (n = 4 to 5 mice/group). Data plotted as mean ± SEM. *p < 0.05. Abbreviations as in Figure 1.