Figure 2: Cardiac Structural Remodeling Showed No Differences in Mice With HF Treated With Empagliflozin

Hearts from vehicle- and Empa-treated mice with HF displayed no significant changes in corrected LV mass (A), wet VW-to-TL ratio (B), LV volume (C), LVID during diastole (D), LV posterior wall thickness during diastole (E), and LA diameter (F) (n = 6 to 10). Results are mean ± SEM. Comparisons between groups were performed using Mann-Whitney U test. LA = left atrial; LV = left ventricular; LVID;d = LV internal diameter during diastole; LVPW = left ventricular posterior wall thickness during diastole; VW/TL = ventricle weight-to-tibia length ratio; other abbreviations as in Figure 1.