Figure 2: Blockade of the CD47-SIRP-1α Pathway Specifically Enhances CM Phagocytosis by Mϕs in Culture

(A) Cocultivations of macrophages (Mϕs) and dying adult mouse ventricular CMs with or without anti-CD47 (a47) versus isotype (C). The CMs were labeled with red R18 dye. The Mϕs were labelled with calcein-AM green. (Left) Scale bar, 300 μm. (Right) Scale bar is 20 μm. (B) Quantification of percent phagocytosis in CMs versus cardiofibroblasts. Zoom is 600%. *p = 0.01 relative to CM “c”. aCD47, blocking antibody; c, isotype control. (C) Percent phagocytosis of Cd47+/+ versus Cd47-/- CMs by Mϕs. *p < 0.03. (D) Similar to in (A), except that the antibody treatment is anti–SIRP-1α versus isotype (Rat IgG2) versus anti-Fc control. Here, CMs were labelled green and Mϕs are not labelled. *p = 0.04 versus control. Scale bar is 50 μm. CF = cardiac fibroblast; other abbreviations as in Figure 1.



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