Figure 2: Aortic Root Lesion Formation in Renal Impairment Is Enhanced by IL-17 Receptor A

LDLr–/– and Il17ra–/–LDLr–/– male mice were kept on a high-fat diet for 10 weeks after RI or ctrl surgery. (A and B) Aortic root lesions were assessed by histology (typical examples, bar indicates 500 μm, and statistical analysis of n = 5 to 6 per group LDLr–/– mice and n = 4 to 5 Il17ra–/–LDLr–/– mice from 3 independent experiments, 2-way ANOVA, significant effects of treatment group [p < 0.0001] and distance [p < 0.0001], no significant interaction for A or B). (C) Aortic roots were stained for CD11b (green) and CD11c (red) with nuclear counterstain (4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole [DAPI], blue) (typical examples, 10× and 20× original magnification, bars indicate 500 and 250 μm, respectively). Abbreviations as in Figure 1.