Figure 2: AnkG Levels Are Altered During Pressure Overload–Induced Cardiac Remodeling and HF

(A and C) 190-kDa ankyrin-G (AnkG) protein expression levels are significantly increased in wild-type (WT) mouse hearts following 2 weeks transverse aortic constriction (TAC) (n = 3 for both groups; p < 0.05). (B and C) AnkG protein levels are significantly reduced in WT mouse hearts following 6 weeks TAC (n = 3 for both groups; p < 0.05). In C, densitometry was performed of full-length, mature, 190-kD AnkG (vs. lower molecular weight products). (D) AnkG immunostaining (3-dimensional composite of Z-stacks) in WT myocytes at baseline (BL) and 2 weeks post-TAC visualized using a ratiometric filter to compare intensity. Note the striking increase in AnkG expression at the intercalated disc of the 2-week TAC myocyte. Scale bars = 20 μm.



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