Figure 2: Adult Cardiac-Specific Ablation of

(A) After tamoxifen, cardiac-specific SUR2 deletion (MCM Cre+) mice were compared with identical genotype–drug treatment but without the transgene (MCM Cre–). Body weights were not significantly different between MCM Cre– and MCM Cre+ male or female mice (n = MCM Cre– 8 female mice, 14 male mice; MCM Cre+ 14 female mice, 4 male mice). (B) Heart weight to body weight ratios were unchanged when comparing MCM Cre+ to MCM Cre– (n = 11, 13). (C) Survival curves showed that MCM Cre+ and MCM Cre– mice had similar life spans (n = 5, 6). (D) Representative short-axis M-mode echocardiography images revealed systolic dysfunction. (E) Fractional shortening (FS) was decreased in MCM Cre+ mice (n = 10, 12). *p = 10,01. (F) Diastolic left ventricular internal diameter (LVID;d) was not altered in MCM Cre+ hearts (n = 10, 12). (G) Left ventricular posterior wall diameter (LVPW;d) was not different in MCM Cre+ mice (n = 10, 12). Abbreviations as in Figure 1.



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