Figure 2: AAbs Targeting cMyBP-C Domains Are Present in Sera of Patients With ACS and Cardiomyopathy

Sera from 141 donors and 73 DCM, 214 HCM, and 628 ACS patients were assayed at a dilution of 1:160 for the presence of cMyBP-C AAbs to (A) C0 to C1f, (B) C0 to C3, (C) C3 to C6, (D) C6 to C8, and (E) C8 to C10 regions and (F) FL-cMyBP-C by ELISA. A mean + 3 SD of the average OD of donors’ sera diluted 1:160 was used as a cutoff for AAb positivity (indicated by broken line). Values above the broken line are positive for AAbs. AAb = autoantibody; ACS = acute coronary syndrome; DCM = dilated cardiomyopathy; ELISA = enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; HCM = hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; OD = optical density; other abbreviations as in Figure 1.