Figure 1: Study Flow Chart and Matching of Invasive Imaging

Study flow chart (A) and matching of invasive imaging (B and C). The coronary angiograms (B1 and C1) were used to match the OCT (B3 and C3) and NIRS pullbacks (B2 and C2) within and at the various time points. Large side branches on the coronary angiogram (I to IV) were indicated on the NIRS chemogram (B2 and C2, green lines, I to IV) and matched to the OCT cross-sections (B3 and C3, I to IV). *Guidewire. FF-DM = fast-food-fed swine with diabetes mellitus; FF- NDM = fast-food-fed swine without diabetes mellitus; M = month; NIRS = near-infrared spectroscopy; OCT = optical coherence tomography; SB = side branch; W = weeks.