Figure 1: Slice Generation and Culture

(A) A coring tool is used to punch an 8-mm diameter “core” from pieces of left ventricular free wall, perpendicular to myofiber orientation. (B) The core is trimmed, imbedded in agarose, and placed in a holder of the Krumdieck slicer, submerged in cold slicing buffer. (C) The core is passed across a razor blade at the bottom of the core holder to cut slices, and cold buffer delivers them into a receiving dish. (D) Slices “curl” slightly after cutting. (E) Two to 4 slices are placed on a titanium mesh in each well of a culture tray. (F) Four or more trays are placed on an inclined rotator in the incubator, so that slices rotate through air and medium interfaces.



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