Figure 1: Serum Gal-3 in AF Patients and Receiver-Operator Characteristic Curve

(A) Fibrosis and inflammation biomarkers in patients with paroxysmal and persistent atrial fibrillation (AF). (B) Mean AF cycle length in lead V1 is inversely related to galectin (Gal)-3 in both coronary sinus (CS) and left atrium (LA). (C) LA volume index is related to Gal-3 in both LA and CS. Receiver-operator characteristic curve of Gal-3 levels in both CS (D) and LA (E) differentiating patients with and without recurrent atrial arrhythmias after a single ablation procedure. AUC = area under the curve; CI = confidence interval; CRP = C-reactive protein. *p < 0.05.