Figure 1: Percentage Mean Changes in Parameters

(A to D) Percentage mean changes in parameters with BMS-986231 (0.7, 2, 7 μg/kg/min) and vehicle over time. All values shown are mean ± SEM. *p < 0.05 versus baseline; †p < 0.05 versus 0.7 μg/kg/min dose infusion; ‡p < 0.05 versus vehicle. CO = cardiac output; Ei/Ai = ratio of Ei (time-velocity integral of the mitral inflow velocity waveform representing early filling) to Ai (time-velocity integral representing left atrial contraction); HR = heart rate; LVEDV = left ventricular end-diastolic volume; LVEDWS = left ventricular end-diastolic circumferential wall stress; LVFAS = left ventricular fractional area shortening; MVO2 = myocardial oxygen consumption; SVR = systemic vascular resistance.



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