Figure 1: IL-17 Receptor A Increases Advanced Atherosclerotic Lesion Size in Renal Impairment

(A to G)LDLr–/– and Il17ra–/–LDLr–/– male mice were kept on a high-fat diet for 20 weeks after unilateral nephrectomy (RI) or control (ctrl) surgery. (B to D) En face atherosclerotic lesion size was analyzed in the total aorta (C) and the aortic arch (D) (n = 5 to 6 per group from 2 independent experiments, Bonferroni after analysis of variance [ANOVA]). (E to G) Aortic root lesions were assessed by histology (E, typical examples, bar indicates 500 μm; F, statistical analysis of mean lesion size by Bonferroni after ANOVA). (G) Lesion according to longitudinal distance (2-way ANOVA, significant effects of treatment group [p < 0.0001] and distance [p < 0.0001], no significant interaction) (n = 5 to 8 per group, 2 to 3 independent experiments).