Figure 1: High-resolution Respirometry of Treated and Untreated Heart Fibers

Oxygen (O2) flux normalized to mass in permeabilized heart fibers from untreated heart failure (HF) versus nonfailing (NF) human hearts with additions of: (A) pyruvate malate plus adenosine diphosphate (ADP); (B) subsequent addition of glutamate acting through complex (C) I; and (C) subsequent addition of succinate additionally activating CII. (D to F) Elamipretide treatment had no effect on oxygen flux of NF samples (G to I) but significantly improved oxygen flux in HF samples after additions of the aforementioned substrates. Untreated hearts in (D to I) are shown with closed circles and treated hearts with open circles. NF, n = 13; HF, n = 23.