Figure 1: Empagliflozin Treatment Prevents Worsening of Cardiac Function in Mice With Heart Failure

Experimental design of Empa treatment in mice in which HF was induced using TAC. (A) Urine glucose levels are shown for vehicle-treated and Empa-treated HF mice (B) (n = 3). Ejection fraction (ï) of vehicle-treated (C) and Empa-treated (D) mice with HF and expressed as change from baseline (E) and pre and post gavage (F) based on echocardiographic assessment (n = 10 to 13). Results are mean ± SEM. Wilcoxon signed rank test was used to evaluate pre- versus post-gavage data (C, D). Comparisons between groups were performed using Mann-Whitney U test (E) and repeated measures 2-way ANOVA followed by Sidak multiple comparisons tests (F). **p < 0.01 versus baseline. Empa = empagliflozin; HF = heart failure; TAC = transverse aortic constriction.