Figure 1: Differences Between UCn2 and UCn3

(A) Amino acid sequences of murine UCn2 and UCn3 show 42% homology. (B) Three-dimensional structure of human UCn2 and UCn3. (C) Murine UCn2 and UCn3 show small differences in receptor affinity, with UCn2 binding with somewhat higher affinity than UCn3 to CRHR2 receptor subtypes. (D) Vector maps for AAV8.CBA.mUCn2 and AAV8.CBAmUCn3. Single-strand vectors were constructed. (E) Plasma UCn2 and UCn3 before and after gene transfer. IV delivery of AAV8.UCn2 (UCn2), AAV8.UCn3 (UCn3) both at 1.9x1013 gc/kg, or saline was performed. Eight to 10 weeks later, blood was obtained and plasma UCn2 and UCn3 was measured. Data from individual mice are shown (mean ± SE). p Values from Student t test (2-tailed, unpaired). βGpA = β globin polyadenylation signal; CBA = chicken β-actin promoter; CMV.en = human cytomegalovirus enhancer; gc = genome copy; ITR = inverted terminal repeat; IV = intraventricular; UCn2 = urocortin-2; UCn3 = urocortin-3.